Charis (grace)


Kirk and his father
Kirk and his father

Charis (grace) is a blog site by Kirk Tutterow.  That’s Kirk in the background with a pipe in his mouth hard at work on something.  That’s his dad in the foreground hard at work on the troublesome questions of 1968.

Kirk is a United Methodist Pastor who has more questions than answers.  This site attempts to ask questions that stretch beyond the basic everyday stuff of the known creation and delve into the realm of mystery and imagination and meaning.  Kirk has been asking these questions ever since his father, also a United Methodist Pastor, first let the young Kirk have a go at the typewriter in the study.

To get a sense of Kirk’s questioning, take a look at the posts listed to the left under “Recent Posts”.

Charis is a place to ask questions and share ideas about the endless nature of God's grace